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Newgate Press Publications

Category: Titles

<a href=''>Juvenile Corrections</a> Juvenile Corrections

On any given day, there are over 100,000 youthful offenders held in a variety of residential placements, from community-based wilderness experience programs or group homes to high security facilities that are almost indistinguishable from prisons. In addition, thousands of ...


<a href=''>Crucibles of Crime: The Shocking Story of the American Jail</a> Crucibles of Crime: The Shocking Story of the American Jail

For fifteen years Joseph F. Fishman was a federal jail inspector, and in that role he visited over 1,500 American jails, giving him considerable insight into the challenges of local corrections at the turn of the 20th century. He called jails "human dumping ...


<a href=''>Understanding Correctional Violence</a> Understanding Correctional Violence

This book presents an extensive overview of the main issues surrounding violence in prisons, jails, and juvenile facilities. One in one hundred American adults are currently incarcerated and the threat of violence in these facilities affects not only the inmates who reside there but also the custodial ...


<a href=''>American Jails: A Retrospective Examination</a> American Jails: A Retrospective Examination

This book draws upon the observations of contributors who wrote about American jails prior to the 1940s. They provide readers with a comprehensive account of jail operations and conditions from the turn of the 20th century until the Great Depression. During this time, jails were labeled a "human dumping ground" and that description ...


<a href=''>Issues in Correctional Health</a> Issues in Correctional Health

This book focuses on the difficulties that medical and health care providers, correctional administrators, and policy makers face in delivering care to incarcerated juveniles and adults. Sometimes the demands on these practitioners can be overwhelming. Each year in the United States thousands of infants are born behind bars, and at least ...


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